The Krude Experience - Please Stop

Please Stop

Flip flop wearing dudes must stop.This is a horrible trend no matter which season we are in.Men wearing flip flops is ok for the beach or for shower shoes. But to wear them with jeans in public is not even remotely cool.Life is not the eternal parking lot tailgate party at a Jimmy Buffet gig. Even my hairdresser team of husband and wife were wearing flip flops while doing my hair last week. I still tipped them. But averted my eyes from the sweaty exposed toes. The smell of my black hair dye made me loopy anyways.

POTUS. Please stop doing anything related to our countries' sovereignty. And just go back to your dumb tv show and selling mediocre mail order steaks. You have a hot wife,own a sweet golf course and have tenacious kids that can take care of you. That's more than enough of a dream for most dudes when they hit seven decades of time spent on earth.

Joel Osteen is the Devil. Only Satan or something related to devil worship can regularly sell out your local hockey arena every time they pass through town. Why wear a nice suit to an Osteen show (sermon)? Osteen won't have his hired thugs kick your ass if you wear a Bathory t shirt. Osteen forgives. And makes sure your credit card is valid for 'prayer funds' to keep his 'show' on the road to pro$perity. Please stop going to this charade. No amount of Osteen instilled inside of you is going to spiritually redeem yourself.

Burger King and Sonic must stop. Now. Horrible fast food. I'd rather eat Ellios Pizza (sucks,made in my hometown) than any kangaroo meat or chicken gizzard nuggets. Let me add Shake Shack to the must stop list. Not necessarily bad,just blatantly overrated. And they will become like the Starbucks of burgers. Coming to a town (highway) near you. Bring a C note if yer taking the family. More important,bring Zantac.

Legendary rock stars must stop dying prematurely. My list of bands to spend $ on is becoming smaller by the month. No more Motorhead. Soundgarden. Blowfly. Merle Haggard,Johnny Winter etc... Fuck. I hating writing this list.

Please stop and remember all those who gave everything to keep us free on this Memorial Day. 

Thank You.



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