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Slainte Mhath

Fuck U2. This is the second week in a row of Krude Experience blogs that I make that statement. And for good cause. U2 is currently on a Joshua Tree album 30 year anniversary tour. Like who the fuck with half a brain really cares about that lame album made by even lamer mullet jockeys? Not me. But when Krude thinks back to many moons ago about all of the great music that was created in 1987,U2 isn't a part of my personal list. Not by a longshot. A band called Mariilion is. Very deservingly so for an album called Clutching at Straws. Possibly the greatest album Mariilion has ever released (they are still around as of 2017).

Clutching at Straws is a concept album that deals with a main character:Torch (as in tortured artist),who is majorly strung out on booze and almost dead. So over the course of 11 tracks on the album you will hear tunes about how Torch has chosen his drunken path and fucked everyone over,including himself. With drinking alcohol as the main focus.

Damn. use Ron Simmons voice here

This is the drinking persons poetic rock soundtrack to self pity.The songwriting is perfect atmospheric,melodic,keyboard driven,hard rock. The lyrics will elevate a common rock fans' vernacular while extolling the pros and cons of overt boozing. The flow of the album is what makes it so special. The peaks and valleys to the straight line rock. Marillion nailed it on this album. And Krude thanks the sky lords for it.

Fish- lead vocals
Steven Rothery- Guitars
Pete Trewavas- Bass guitar
Mark Kelly- Keyboards
Ian Mosely- Drums

I cut a day in high school in October 1987 to drive to Poughkeepsie,NY to a club called The Chance to meet Marillion. Fanboy shit indeed,I admit. I waited by the club in my car for a few hours until the band showed up for soundcheck. Myself and a few other fans stood by the back of the club listening to the band rip through about 5 songs. After the soundcheck the band came outside and hung out with us for a few minutes before heading to their hotel. Meeting lead singer Fish (all 6'6" of him) was a huge thrill. He couldn't have been nicer to all of us. He signed my Misplaced Childhood album jacket and shook my hand. Cool fucking guy. I still buy his solo albums and catch his shows. He is a Legend. 

Get a good look at the Clutching at Straws album cover. The Torch character at the front of the bar looks exactly like Alex Lifeson from Rush (I saw Mariilion open for Rush three times). And if you're really on the ball,name all the other dudes sitting at the bar in the picture. All time classic Drunkards.

For all the vinyl junkies out there-here is some good news. The original vinyl album for Clutching at Straws still sounds the best. I currently have the 1998 remastered cd and it is mixed too loud for my liking. Plus,the cd adds a track Going Under that wasn't part of the original release. That track is cool,but it interrupts the flow of the original track order.

Clutching at Straws. Krude approved.
Drinking. Krude approved.
Like duh.

Sweating out a happy hour...


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