Beer Of The Week - Labatt Ice

The ice budget beer tour continues this week with one of the worlds first Ice-Brewed beers and what some people call the most successful new brand introduction in Canadian brewing history! Coming in at 5.6% ALC/VOL we have Labatt Ice as the next stop on the 2017 Budget Beer Tour and the BWB Beer Of The Week!

First introduced in 1993, Labatt Ice is the beer that started the ice beer wars of the 90's. We have covered quite a few of these beers over the years, while adding a few more over the past month to keep you cool as we get ready for summer.

From what I can recall this is my first real experience with Labatt Ice. I might have had it on a few occasions during some drunken nights in the past, but this was my first time sitting down to enjoy a can. I have to say that while it might now be a product of the USA, those Canadians really did know what they were doing with their ice brewing process. Very smooth and enjoyable. 

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