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I'm a KISS fan. Been a KISS fan since I was 5 years old. I have owned or heard every note of commercially available KISS music ever made. So it is only natural that Krude would give his two cents about the rankings of each and every KISS studio album. KISS fans are the most opinionated and passionate fans on the planet. Some of them will like what I have to say. Some won't. But this is The Krude Experience and I'm Kapn Krude. And you get pure Krudeness with every word I type. So now let's put your two lips together and KISS!

Disclaimer: I will rank each KISS studio album with a K to KKKKK ranking. 5 K's being stellar masterpiece. One K being use cd as drink coaster only.

KISS debut album. All time classic songs. Mediocre production. Version without Kissin' Time only one that counts. KKKK1/2

Hotter Than Hell more all time classic songs. Shit production. Not as good as debut,but still great. KKKK

Dressed To Kill better production. Worse songs. Third album KISS released in 15 months. Not bad. KKK1/2

Destroyer Bob Ezrin producing. Best sounding KISS album from 70's. Great songs. Props to 2012 remix cd. KKKKK

Rock and Roll Over hip pick for best KISS album by original 4 members.Not so. It's good,not great. KKKK

Love Gun band were millionaires by this point. A few classics,but too much crap. KKK

Dynasty red,green,purple,blue. KISS members are now deemed by colors. Beginning of phony KISS albums. Yucky,but not totally sucky. KK1/2

Unmasked it says 'I still say they stink' on the album cover. Truth in advertising. K1/2

Music from The Elder Ezrin back in the producers chair. Gene and Paul want to look smart with concept album. Double fail. Worth a once a year spin-while drunk. K1/2

Creatures of the Night back to playing hard rock again. Sounds better now than it did in 1982. Good stuff. KKKK

Lick It Up off with the makeup. On with ugly real faces. Another hard rock winner. Vinnie fucking Vincent.  KKK1/2

Animalize essentially a Paul Stanley solo album with a flashy lead guitarist. A step down from previous 2 albums KK1/2

Asylum Animalize part 2. With yet another lead guitarist. Gene's wig from this era still gives me nightmares. KK1/2

Crazy Nights first KISS album I bought on cd upon release. Still hate it. Glossy pop bullshit. K1/2

Hot in the Shade more pop drivel. This is KISS at rock bottom musically. Even lower than The Elder. K

Revenge Bob Ezrin back to produce. Spotty results. Not as good as advertised. But best KISS album since Lick It Up. KKK

Carnival Of Souls a Bruce Kulick solo album. If KISS released this in 1996 instead of reuniting with original members that year,they would have totally sunk the ship K1/2

Psycho Circus another phony KISS album with 4 original members available. Ok results.Needed more Ace KK1/2

Sonic Boom starts great. And steadily descends to the toilet. A Walmart exclusive. Figures. K1/2

Monster a slight step up,but still lacking. A few winners. Mostly retreads. KK

KISS is still playing a casino or state fair near you every year. At this point,after nearly 45 years of existence,it really is time for the band to retire. But hopefully they have one more classic album in them to release. Thank you:

Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Ace Frehley
Peter Criss
Eric Carr
Vinnie Vincent
Mark St John
Bruce Kulick
Eric Singer
Tommy Thayer

KISS- An All Time American Classic Band. Krude approved.

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