The Krude Experience - Temporary Insanity

Temporary Insanity

'Dummkopf' (Deutschland) is no longer needed for comedic or insult worthy effect. There is a new Krude invented word : Dumdrumpf will be the current standard in slay words. The words' origin is research worthy. Dumdrumpf. You read it here first.

On the outs with a chick only means on the way back in with another. Life is short. Semen re-stocks itself without provocation.Celery consumption accelerates the process.Fire away! Always aim for her tits,lips,or tramp stamp.

Krude been wearing a lot of purple lately. Dress shirts,t shirts,sunglasses etc.. I ain't going Tinky Winky. I'm no Lakers fan either. I just like the color. Grape Skittles are the King of All Skittles. No denying that. Just ask my dentist.

Did anybody bet on the Stanley Cup finals? Does anybody ever bet on hockey? My sports gambling rule has always been to lay off hockey games. And 3 legged ponies. Duh.

Jim Bakker (yes,that Jim Bakker) is still alive and as twisted as ever. He is currently selling 'end of the world' worthy portable toilets and survival supplies to his $ donors. I'm sure the late,great Frank Zappa is having a chuckle over this 'revelation'. And to think Bakker used to let Tammy Faye suck his dick with her overtly made up face. That proves his obvious insanity.

Listening to Dead Boys a bunch lately. Stiv Bators is dead. Cheetah Chrome is alive.40 years of Young,Loud,and Snotty.Buy it.Crank it. I saw Cheetah jam with the L.A.M.F. All star band at Bowery Electric last year. Rock ain't dead. That's for sure.

Booze and pills. Better than needles and powder. Vices are vices. Be smart to live another day.
Jersey Mike's sub shops are Krude approved eats. Beats the piss out of Blimpie,Subway,Jimmy Johns,etc... Btw. Never get any kind of sandwich or fresh made item at a Quik Chek. Nasty shit with foul funk to it. Krude learned the hard way. Sticking to lottery tickets and energy drinks next trip to QC.

Not caught with the meat in my mouth,



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