The Krude Experience - Believe

I Believe

Krude does believe in a lot of things. Trickle down economics and textualism not being amongst my beliefs. Time to testify:

OJ innocent of 1994 killing of ex and other. Home invasion gone bad. OJ guilty of being at crime scene minutes after murders. He did correct time anyways in Nevada for armed thieving. Stick to black chicks Juice.

Paul is dead. In 1966. Different dudes. Look at the chins.Or maybe bad plastic surgery.Turn me on dead man...

Revenge is sweet. But karma is the true bitch.

MK-ULTRA explains a lot of important history from 1950's up to the MTV years. Despicable greed and dry humping of Xtian bible explains everything since.

Fortified wine will always be 'fortified'. But never truly defined in an exact science.

The Earth is an alien ant farm. With our known solar system and the known unknown further galaxies,it is safe to say we are not alone.

Cloud storage for personal cpu files is just Big Brother being a Peeping Tom without bringing the binoculars.

Persuasive subliminal messages in advertising is what makes mass commerce go round. Take a bite of Apple lately?

Life moves way too fast for 95% of the world human population. Wallowing in shallow is hallowed living for most,by necessity.

I've made it to Fourty Seven years alive today. That's either halfway to Heaven. Or fast path to Hell....

May All Your Days Be Circus Days



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