The Krude Experience - Dumbfucks


It is becoming quite clear that the vast majority of Americans are complete dolts. Morons. Dullards. Shitheads. Dumbfucks. Etc... Everywhere I go. Everything my naked eyes see. Everytime I watch,read or listen to current event news. Pure peripheral stupidity is the ovewhelming factor is just about EVERYTHING these days.

Huge amounts of people continue to shop at Wal Mart. Why? Their prices aren't that great. Their selection of goods (mostly made in China) is limited and awful. I only buy Rx pills there because its the best deal (dirt cheap) Wal Mart has. But it is truly sad to watch the Dumbfucks of this area of NJ shop at that shitty place of business,thinking they are saving big $ on all their needs. They are not. Best to buy local and keep $ flowing to NJ people. Fuck the Walton (Arkansas) family. They screw over more Americans with their business practices than anybody. Except maybe the Koch family.

The price of concert tickets is still way out of control to see arena and stadium shows. Who is really willing to fork over $250 a ticket to see Guns N' Roses at Madison Square Garden to sit in a mediocre seat? Dumbfucks,that is. Two upcoming shows for GnR at MSG are essentially sold out. I just saw Iron Maiden in NJ and paid $110 for a mediocre seat. And Maiden brings an awesome stage show with them. So why are people paying inflated prices to see an inflated band with a basic stage set? Beats me. I'll pass on that bullshit.

Dumbfuck jurors are letting obvious criminals walk free. How the fuck did Bill Cosby walk out of a courtroom recently still a free man? Because two dumbfuck jurors couldn't convict a guy who admitted to drugging women before they had non consensual sex. WTF? Same with the idiot jurors during the Roger Clemens perjury trial who couldn't convict a guy of lying about his PED usage with multiple witnesses to the crimes. Double WTF? Remember kids,rich people DON'T get convicted of crimes. Lizzie Borden set this standard in the mass media market of America in the 1890's.

Who voted for Chris Christie in New Jersey to be governor for two terms? Dumbfucks who didn't do their homework about this loser. Christie had crapped out of NJ politics in the late 90's due to his crooked ways. Only to come back in 2001 when GW Bush gave him total legal stroke in NJ because Christie managed to raise a ton of $ for W's equally crooked presidential campaign. That is called failing upwards. Christie is and has always been a terrible human being. 8 years of his bullshit in my home state has been horrific. Thanks to all the dumbfuck voters who gave CC the nod twice. Show me somebody who still supports Christie after 2015.

There's a sucker born every minute

And there are the heartless parasites who prey on them for profit. If that's the American Way,then I think I'll defect to Mexico. Good cheap Rx meds,no snow and quality tequila. If it's good enough for Jesse Ventura.....

Broken hearts are for assholes



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