The Krude Experience - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

B movies are my favorite form of celluloid mindtickling. To me,watching a low budget picture with scale waged actors as the leads is the way to go. Add natural,nude tits,overt use of profanity and feathered 70's haircuts and Krude is in. Pass the Jiffy Pop popcorn and Olympia beer (sadly discontinued). Better yet to be watching a VHS copy on a tube tv. Old school is cool. Believe it.

Mary Eileen Chesterton aka Claudia Jennings is my favorite B movie actress. Claudia started out as Hef fluff at Chicago Playboy headquarters. She eventually became a Playmate of the Month and then Playmate of the Year for 1970. All the while,she was taking acting classes and working on her craft. But most of the work she found was in B movies.And had her showing maximum skin. That's cool with me. She was a honey.

After watching a few Claudia Jennings movies in years past and seeing a few of her rare features on Amazon Prime recently,it is time to show this special lady some respect. You will hard pressed to find a better looking and more talented actress these days with true charisma. Claudia was the real deal. Her performances in the roller derby movie Unholy Rollers and as a tough Cajun minx in Gator Bait were perfect.

Truck Stop Women

Fast Company

The Single Girls. etc... All 70's low rent cinematic classics starring Claudia. Do your best to check these flicks out. And all the other film roles she had. Including the Brady Bunch episode where Greg Brady becomes Johnny Bravo. Yeah baby! 

Claudia Jennings sadly died in a car wreck in 1979. Not much is said about her these days. Well, Kapn Krude has put forth this effort to give a great actress her due. Mahalo.

Happy 4th of July America!



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