The Krude Experience - Elder Statesman

Elder Statesman

I never thought I would live to see the day when I would become an elder statesman of anything. Living for 47 years and nearly dying a few times along the way kinda makes me an elder statesman by default. I just keep on living and never look back.

What got Krude on this train of thought was through having a conversation with a old friend of mine who was born the week before me in 1970. He is the recent recipient of a partial liver transplant (thanks to his awesome donor cousin) and a huge pro wrestling fan. He often goes to Facebook (being on disability is pretty boring) and has conversations with younger,less knowledgeable wrestling fans. And then vents to me about their ignorance toward obvious shortcomings with the current major market wrestling product. And I chime in and explain that not everybody got to witness Hulk Hogan pin Iron Sheik at MSG 1/23/1984 in person (he did). Or get to own an AWA toy wrestling ring. Or witness each and every WrestleMania since it's inception in 1985 (we both have). And that makes us elder statesman to the younger generation of wrestling fans,whether we like it or not.

Watching younger booze drinkers is often an amusing thing for Krude. The 25 and under crowd sticking tight to beer and beer only is kinda cute. My old ass always goes for whiskey. But even when I was younger, I would only order beer at a bar if I was cash strapped. I guess growing up around bars (my father owned) did rub off on me. Beer ain't drinking, some might say.

Being able to have conversations with just about anybody about sports related topics is cool. I still follow most sports action and my memory from my early years is still intact. Evel Knievel on Wide World of Sports in the 70's is often a topic guys like me could talk about with people older than me. Then to talk about current sports trends like UFC with the younger crowd. It's all good.

My son calls most of the music I listen to 'old guy music'. He is 19 and likes metal music to its most evil core. Though some of the bands he likes started in the 80's. But he marvels in jealousy when I mention seeing Testament or Kreator over 25 years ago. Father knows best.

I've just always learned from my elders. Listened to everybody. And tried to be as grounded as possible. Nobody is above anybody else.




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