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Keep Yer Eyes On The Road

Trying to keep focused on any subject or matter in my world of Krudeness for an extended amount of time is becoming very difficult as of late.But managable.Between work,health,broad,family,friends in peril.... It's been wild year so far. But that's the way I like it baby. I don't want to live forever. Lemmy!

Slight of hand is the ultimate grift,even to this day.True con artists still use this technique to sucker the suckers. Same suckers who use their right to vote in major elections. I have some beautiful waterfront property in Florida I would like to sell.Cheap.Just for you. Asshole. 

I don't focus on pop culture bullshit.Taylor Swift releasing a new album doesn't move me. Over hyped boxing contests that take over media outlets are just peripheral $ making stagings for those who work it. And the ultimate distraction for everybody else who remotely gives a shit.Zzzzzzzzzz. Show me a sanctioned grudge match between a current Nazi and Black Panther. Now that's Must See TV.

I avoided booze for 10 days straight recently. An infection on my right foot caused a Dr to prescribe 2000 milligrams of Keflex antibiotic a day for 10 days. If it wasn't for the fact that I survived septicemia a few years ago,I normally wouldn't really give a shit about avoiding booze while taking Keflex. But I'm not taking any chances with nasty infections anymore. Booze is good. But life is better.

When a mega corporate online retail giant like Amazon classifies certain episodic tv shows as Bingeable TV on their streamable website,Krude takes offense. Guess it's ok with Jeff Bezos for people stay glued to tv shows for days at a time,but not ok to binge on anything else. Hypocrites suck.

After watching an old Married...With Children episode where the Bundy family gets stuck in Labor Day traffic and ends up brawling with other motorists,I decided to completely avoid any area within 10 miles of a major highway on Labor Day weekend. But alas,I live in New Jersey. There is a major fucking highway within 1 mile of every NJ town. Fuck me. Guess I'm stuck in this swampy suburban muck for 3 days.

Oakland Raiders football team starts its regular season in 13 days. I'll be in DC on 9/24 in prime time to support the Silver and Black amongst the Snyder 'Skins faithful. Bring on the Fall!

The cow kicked Nellie in the belly in the barn



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