The Krude Experience - Panhandling


Now,more than ever,do I see people with their proverbial hands out looking for some extra sustenance. Begging is the new name of the game to get something without actually working for it. And it ain't just the usual street begging that is sweeping the country by storm. It's online panhandling. Known as GoFundMe. Or as Krude likes to put it : GoFuckMe.

Hanging around NYC as much as I have over the years,I have encountered all types of beggars. Pro beggars. Junkie beggars. Crazy beggars. Hungry beggars.And genuine down on their luck beggars. What they all have in common is having no qualms about approaching strangers and asking for cash. And that takes a lot of balls and courage. The people who make the most begging are the ones with the most game i.e. Most convincing rap. This is how online begging is so effective these days. It's all in the 'sell'.

It sickens me to see rock bands with worldwide followings have to resort to GoFundMe just to get enough cash to record a new album. Or comedy troupe Broken Lizard using online panhandling to secure funds to film Super Troopers 2.WTF?!?! Are movie studios and record companies so hard up that they can't spare some $ for quality pop culture art?

When I was really short on cash (due to sleazy,non paying employers),I never begged or asked for $. Even when I was thrown into the pokey for child support arrears,I didn't ask for cash from anyone. But with this GoFundMe shit really working for any asshole looking for free $,I may just change my stance on begging. Why not?  

So if you see a page on GoFundMe from Krude looking for $ for my upcoming reverse lobotomy,please feel free to donate. It will be money well spent by you. And me.




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