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People will come and go in your life. That's a fact. Respect is earned, then given. That's another fact.

I can't say that I respect a whole lot of people over my years on Earth. True colors always show through sooner or later and that color isn't always pleasing. But when I get reminded about somebody who was one of the 'good' people in my life who recently passed away,sadness takes over. And then I remember all the good this person was. Then the sadness turns to smiles and I write.... RIP Gene Michael.

To anybody who follows MLB baseball,Gene's death was widely reported. A friend of mine texted me about GM.Then I went to the Internet to read the story. Most of what I was reading about Gene Michael was about what a great guy he was. He was awesome. I first met him when I was 6 years old.

My father had a lot of major connections back in the mid 1970's. Due to his involvement with local municipality duties and ownership of numerous restaurants in New Jersey. He often made friends with local living pro athletes and celebrity types. Having a New York Yankees player stop by my house wasn't uncommon during that time. Gene Michael ended up being friends with my dad when they started a scholarship fund under Gene's name.

With Gene's Yankees connections,I got access to things (as a kid) that most Yankees fans now or since would envy. Best seats for World Series comped. Check. Having anything I wanted autographed by any Yankees player. Check. Getting to drive with Gene and Ron Guidry (Yankees pitcher) to a restaurant in Manhattan after a Sunday game,and have Guidry give me pitching pointers during dinner. In 1978 (Guidry's Cy Young winning year). Check. And it goes on and on....... Gene Michael treated me like I was his own son. Better than my own father. Maybe Gene knew that my old man was a dick to my family. Who knows? 

I feel totally humbled and privileged to have done what I got to do as a kid. There is a lot more to tell about growing up around Gene Michael and all the Yankees players.But I will tell those stories in person,if you ask me. What I wanted to accomplish with this blog was that a very special,good person has recently passed away. And we can all learn something about being good to one another. RIP Gene. You were my hero growing up.




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