The Krude Experience - Battle of the 80's Metal Ballads

Battle of the 80's Metal Ballads

Girl friendly ballads were the cornerstone to any hard rock/metal bands' success in the 1980's. EVERY band had at least one ballad on their album to ensure some kind of FM radio play. Even the heaviest bands like Metallica and Pantera had  ballads on their albums. Nobody was immune from an A+R reps wrath to have at least one track on an album that even a pre teen girl from the Midwest could play at top volume before heading off to church on a Sunday. So Krude is here to exploit the 80's metal ballads as I see fit. More often than not,bringing a chick to a heavy gig and expecting to get laid after hinges on her knowing at least the wimpiest song of the night. So whip out that acoustic guitar and get sensitive. Let's go! 

KIX- Don't Close Your Eyes
A decent ballad from a solid rock band.Took their Blow My Fuse album to Gold sales status in 1989.

Faster Pussycat- House of Pain
One of the better rock ballads in the 80's. I filmed this video a few years ago. Enjoy.

Dokken- Alone Again
Dokken is a band that is equal parts talent and lameness. This is the lame in their catalog.

Warrant- Heaven
Jani Lane was an underrated singer/songwriter. Too bad he is most known for the Cherry Pie cheese.

Bon Jovi- Silent Night
This was a minor hit in 1985 before the band became bigger than Frank and Bruce in NJ.

L.A.Guns- The Ballad of Jayne
LAG's most well known tune. More well known these days than Jayne Mansfield's awesome tits. That's a shame.

Poison- Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Bret Michaels will milk the success of this tune until the day he dies. Good for him.

Guns N' Roses- Sweet Child O Mine
Axl should've stopped with ballads after this one. The over bloated bullshit that came later sucks.

Jane's Addiction- Jane Says
Maybe too folksy to be a ballad.But is so different from the rest of their catalog.

Cinderella- Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)
This is the tune that made Tom Keifer wealthy. Long Cold Winter album made him a legend.

And for the All Time Greatest Metal Ballad.... Give it up for Motley Crue
Home Sweet Home

I could think of a few more. But fuck it. That's enough wimpy bullshit for one blog.

I'm on my way...


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