The Krude Experience - My Old Friend The Blues

My Old Friend The Blues

Blues,blooze,Blues Clues,etc... Whatever you want to call it is something EVERY human being goes through at some time.Only a purely delusional individual (or Zoloft junkie) could walk around everyday and be happy at all times. Life is about surviving bad news. And never throwing in the towel.

Like most of the Krude blogs,this one was inspired by a song. Steve Earle tune to be exact. He is a Krude favorite for many years. His shows rival Rush gigs for male majority audiences. Nobody goes to a Rush or Earle show to score with a broad. Unless you're Krude. Ha! Rush 2004 Radio City Music Hall. I was on Workman's Comp for some injuries and had a cast on my left hand. Had to take a bus to NYC from NJ due to injury. I squeezed into my vintage Power Windows 1986 Rush shirt that night. I caught the eye of possibly the only available chick in the venue. She was very cute and from South America. We spoke a bunch during intermission. Then ended up going home on same bus. Yes!! Score one for the Krudemeister.When the chips are down,the chin must always stay up.

I drank my first beer in a looooong time not too long ago. Miller High Life draft,in a plastic cup. New meds help with the negativity with beer entering my body. I was told at age 39 not to drink beer anymore by a few doctors. So drinking a Miller at Rutts Hut was a big deal to me. Imagine being told to avoid beer and most alcohol while in the midst of crippling pain AND trying to track down your recently kidnapped  son (by ex) with a private investigator.That was the Krude reality back in 2009. But I had a cool gf at the time.She totally swore by the Cannabis God and we split a few years later. But I'll never forget those weird times. Somehow we managed to find smiles and laughter through the stage 5 hurricane called LIFE.

I don't believe anybody has to suffer for their art. Some artists claim to get buried in depression for a period of time. And that, in turn helps them get inspired to create. Just living life through all its high and lows is inspiration enough to create something from nothing.

Not much brings me down (for too long)  these days. I've seen it all and lived through it. But those times when the blues creep up on me,tunes and hooch are the usual tonics. And grabass on a willing female. Fuck Prozac.

L'amicizia rimane un ancora fedele....



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