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Consider this week's Krude Experience blog as a mental comp.Or a subliminal freebie.Either way, Krude will be acting as the pit boss in a sharing mood.No condom or exchange of commonplace pleasantries needed. But always have each of one on the ready. Take notice...

I never paid to get into Yankee Stadium until 2008.And will never pay again to get in to see the Bombers. Better to have inside contacts and corporate connections to score overpriced baseball tickets. MLB is already in on the take.So who really gives a shit.

I had a friend who worked for 92.3 fm in NYC and put me on the guest list for many gigs back in the day.Did I really need free tickets to see Whitesnake at Jones Beach or Nirvana at Marquee NYC? Answer is no. But I went to both. Remember kids:

Steve Vai = Good
Kurt Cobain = Not so good

Comp hotel rooms at Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos always cost $. It's the money you lose (that the casino rates) that pays for the room. Plus,local taxes must be paid. So even if you score weekend comps in AC,$ is coming out of your pocket. Still,I love hitting a casino. That never gets old.

Buybacks at your favorite bar are becoming more of memory than a reality. Well,that's in my neck of the woods. A few bartenders know the value of a regular drunkard.But for the most part,it's cash on the barrel head for all your served hooch. Damn.

Once. And only once did I drive over the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee,NJ without paying a toll. Not that I blew through the toll gate without paying. But I found an open gate on a local street that service trucks and Port Authority police use to gain access to the GWB. I drove up slowly,merged with traffic,and drove over the Hudson River without paying. That was in 1988. The toll back then was $2. Now it is $15. And if I was caught these days trying the same stunt,I would definitely be put on a terrorist/no fly list for my entire life. Welcome to 2017.

Nobody rides for free. That is a given. But catching a few breaks here and there never hurt anybody.And how much did YOU pay to read this blog on this website? Mahalo.

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