The Krude Experience - Friend


It always humors me to be addressed as 'Dear Friend' in a chain letter or email from a complete stranger. Or to be called 'friend' from a local hot dog slinger who doesn't even know my name. The humor in all this turns into the creeps if the friendly behavior continues indefinitely.

I don't consider anybody to be my friend unless I've met you in person. Emails,tweets,texts etc... don't count in my book unless I meet you in the now. Let me look you in the eye. And be able to break bread with you. Or have a few drinks. It saddens me to hear that former lovers can't communicate with each other like adults and be friends without benefits. The human condition in 2018 will be a test for the strong. And a bitch for the weak. True friends will be in high demand. And very needed.

I remember about 20 years ago I worked with a guy who liked to talk politics with me. Bill Clinton was president and Ken Starr was doing his worst to impeach Clinton because Slick Willie lied about having sex in the White House with an intern. My co worker was so incensed about Clinton lying that he started watching Fox News and subscribed to an Oliver North snail mail newsletter,as a way to cope.When the co worker (note I don't say 'friend') showed me his most recent Oliver North newsletter,I had to read it top to bottom. And of course,it started with Dear Friends. I didn't know North had any friends left in the USA after the Iran Contra scandal.

Be wary of all of the walking,talking snakes and lizards of the world. People will quickly turn into 'non friends' over usually just money. Fucking your friends old lady could possibly end a friendship. But $ is the usual culprit of social conflict.

I received a strange phone call the other day. Caller ID was very helpful in my decision to answer the call. Just look at the name.

I'm sure Scam Likely most likely wanted to be my friend. I refused the call. Life goes on...

Peace is a dirty word



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