BWB NFL PICK'EM 2017 - Week 15 Standings

We are down to the wire with only two weeks left to go in the 2017 BWB NFL Pick 'Em league!

Here are the current standings after week 15 of the 2017 NFL season!

RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L
2The Stalkers148148-76
3Mad Dogs 20/20146146-78
5Do Your Job part 3145145-79
7Cyber Bully144144-80
8Bum Wine Bob143143-81
9The Maple Leafs141141-83
12Night Train Express132132-92
13KAPN KRUDE128128-96
15Slyder Balzcock IWS7575-149

Stay tuned to and Bumming with Bobcat every Monday LIVE at 10pm EST on for all the latest updates during the NFL season! Want to keep your drinks cool and looking stylish? Head to and order some bWb koozies along with other great bWb swag! Grab a drink and enjoy the 2017 NFL season! Cheers!

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