The Krude Experience - Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Another year down for the history books.Pretty much a peripherally crappy year. Krude writing his usual New Year predictions for your amusement (or enlightenment). Best to pour a stiff drink now for premium cognitive recognition. Or just do a shot and toast the New Year. Cheers!

NFL football for the 2018 season will be played with a no contact ,flag tackling policy. Too many sprained pussies and CTE make this a reality

Cold War will now be defined as Blue verses Red states.Or Dumb vs Dumber

State lottery $ paid will be defined as Poor Tax. And NOT tax deductible for losses

Internet trolls will be prosecuted in court as being social media terrorists

Limitless pills will become a required part of public school lunch menus

Political lobbyists will overtake racketeering mobsters as the undisputed leaders of organized crime in the USA

Coercion,intimidation,and manipulation. 2018 is 40 years since Jonestown. Same shit,different day....
MMS will be used to cure ignorance and ass zits as well as most cancers

The 'homeless' fashion look will again be popular due to the abundance of actual homeless people

Clickbait Internet headlines will be required to be of acute semblance to its intended subject matter. Or risk a $1Billion fine from FCC

Holograms will overtake real humans as stage entertainment figures

People will no longer be recognized by their birthday Zodiac sign. Facebook status and Tax ID numbers will form the New Biorhythms  

Krude will remain Krude




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