The Krude Experience- Krude Konfessional

Krude Konfessional

Yes. Krude must clear the air and beg for your forgiveness. For I have sinned. Over and over again. I do not claim to be perfect or make the best decisions in my life. But I will use this blog as the forum to let all (most) of the skeletons in my closet out. I confess....

Krude has never seen the movies E.T. or Jurassic Park (by choice). But I have seen Titanic in the theater when it was new (not my choice).

Krude has never smoked a cigarette. Or drank a cup of coffee. I have had beer for breakfast. And whiskey.

Krude hates $50 dollar bills. I'd rather take $50 worth of pennies than spend a $50 note at a gas station.

Krude once wore a Speedo marble bag swimsuit at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. I was a hit with the gays and a pervy mutant to all else.

Krude willfully bought tickets (expensive) to see Nickelback. Once.

Krude has never knowingly committed adultery.

Krude has cheated on his taxes. And will continue to.

Krude often exceeds posted speed limits while driving. Except in Ohio.

Krude has used to rent $ to place bets on sporting events. And lost.

That's just a few Konfessions that I will Konfess to. There could be a rat reading this. Or a nervous mom. Cheers.

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