The Krude Experience - Krude Xmas List 2017

Krude Xmas List 2017

Krude is kinda getting sick of people who use social media to exploit a 'wish list' of goods to all their followers and friends. Usually it's a list (with a link) from whatever online shopping outlet that the friend beggar chooses. And then YOU can buy them their shit without even leaving the house. Or personally knowing the person you are buying the present for.Single moms,strippers,and callous junkies are the usual suspects in this grift. Krude ain't about to grift you with this blog.I'm just jotting down a few items that tickle my fancy this year. GoFundMe not. GoFuckMe yes. Ladies only. Let's roll!


Ever since I saw Mel Brooks wear these in a few of his movies I've wanted to get them. I often wear black boots. And I have an artistic flair. But I refuse to wear a cape.

Black Cat Firecrackers

Krude doesn't feel complete without having some fireworks in my possession. My local supermarket in NJ now sells fountains and sparklers. But not Black Cat products. Something about that BC logo....

Celtic Frost Cold Lake cd

In the world of heavy rock/metal music,career suicide is often accomplished by recording an album that totally sounds like a record company 'expert' got his way. This Celtic Frost album sounds like a Poison wind blew into the studio and tamed this once mighty metal band. Krude just wants the cd (not vinyl or tape) for kitsch value.

Billy Ripken baseball card

Possibly the only reason to use the mighty Ripken name when not prefaced with Cal. This is a classic rib on a young baseball player. Overlooked written F bombs always entertain Krude.

Scratch and Sniff Hustler magazine

Larry Flynt has never been as inspired as he was for this issue of Hustler in 1977. Hugh Hefner (RIP) may have invented the centerfold, but Larry perfected the scratch and sniff centerfold. Pubes on cover always a plus.

Will Santa bring Krude his toys this year? I've been naughty,nice and everything else twice. So I'm sure Santa will give me tube socks and a bottle of Gentleman Jack whiskey instead. Still good gifts and Krude approved. Cheers!

Happy Holidaze



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