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Ain't It Fun

Former POTUS Obama was recently quoted as saying that ' now is the best time in history to be born'. Krude doesn't always see eye to eye with a vast many of presidential statements.But this time I must agree. Now is 2018.And it's a great time to be alive.

Just stop everything and take a look around. Never has achieving pleasure been more pronounced in our human existence i.e. Shopping at our fingertips and items delivered quickly.Antiquated Marijuana laws are being voted out by Us. Music that can be played anywhere wirelessly. Movies and sports broadcasts in HD with superior sound at home. Online dating takes the legwork (and wallet busting) out of picking up chicks. Who really needs to obsessively complain about current politics or foul weather? Those are mild annoyances.Life is about living and doing.Not complaining.

I can often dip into my past and drudge up some solid,old memories. Mostly good. And others frightening. But I'm more in tune to creating new and different experiences. I like what I like. But even that can get boring. More is out there somewhere. Finding that 'more' is the challenge.

Looks like 2018 will be a Krude exercise in fresh hedonism and occasional familiar kicks. Hopefully bail $ can be transferred by PayPal.

Life for ALL from here on in will be a total mindfucker. Krude will stay real. And grounded. Guaranteed. Mahalo.

Love and kisses....



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