The Krude Experience - Down Time

Down Time

With the weather in the Northeast section of the USA being extra nippy as of late,Krude finds himself with a little down time. Best to take care of business,then pleasure while home grounded. Even Krude knows his role in society: TCB Elvis knew his acronyms.

Doing taxes now is a big benefit in the Krude world. I expect a sizable refund and the IRS starts accepting filings the 3rd week of January. Lucky me that my father is an accountant (among other sordid things) and I learned a bunch about 'creative' accounting. Nothing like waking up on a Friday late in Jan or early Feb with an extra chunk of greenbacks in the bank,courtesy of Uncle Scam. Actually,courtesy of me. I over pay the weekly paycheck tax during the year. It's my money the Gov is returning. But state tax is the issue. In NJ,Chris Christie managed to piss away all the tax $ brought in leaving many people waiting forever for their refund. Fuck him. Good riddance.

Krude been laying off the hooch so far this new year. Some health issues and the meds prescribed can cause an bad reaction with booze. Sucks. But necessary.

Super Bowl is coming soon. Prop bets,greasy finger food and a get out of the doghouse with the broad for one night pass. SB games have been pretty good lately. Not like the blowouts of yesteryear. I hope the Vikings win it all this season. Those poor fans in Minnesota. Vikings were always on the losing end of the aforementioned SB blowouts. And I hope Mike Zimmer's eyesight is clear if they win the Silver Ginzo er Lombardi trophy.

Some people like to curl up with a good book on a cold winter day. Not Krude. Vintage 70's porn on DVD is the Krude choice. In particular,any John Holmes feature. This time it's Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls directed by the legendary Bob Chinn. Perfect adult entertainment. Remember,when your chick finds your stash of smut,its better to be caught with vintage features than transvestite midget bukkake.

Stay chill while keeping warm



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