The Krude Experience - Ninety Eight

Ninety Eight

1998.Twenty years ago is a long time.But I remember most everything about those days.It was in January 1998 that Krude Jr was born. His birthday just passed. In the twenty years since his birth,a lot has changed in this wicked world.For better.For worse.For eternity.... 1998 was a cool year. Anybody born in 1998 still ain't old enough to buy,drink or possess alcohol or rent a car from Enterprise. You'll survive. Let's Roll!

KISS released Psycho Circus album with all 4 original members. Almost.Too many session players involved. Still a good cd.

The Mark and Sammy HR show was in full swing in 1998. MLB needed to fill the stadium seats after a disastrous 1994 players strike. Did it really matter how many PED's McGuire and Sosa pumped into their asses that year? Not to Krude.

Breaking The Magicians Code was a periodic TV special that Krude really liked back then. I always wondered why magicians had super hot and fit chicks as their assistants. Slight of hand and eye candy. Entertainment as its best.

Robbie Knievel was jumping his motorcycle over everything in 1998. He was awesomeness on wheels. Better than his dad at jumping a bike. But Evel Knievel was THE Promo King.

Bill Clinton got a blow job from a White House intern (and didn't wipe up his jizz off her dress). Great story. Not worthy of a National inquiry (using taxpayer $). I'm sure Ken Starr was jerking off to granny porn at that time.

Krude lived in a genuine haunted house in Scranton,Pennsyltucky in 1998. My ex always complained about cold breezes in the house for no odd reasonable reason. Then the weird sounds of crying and voices that would be heard in certain parts of the house. Turns out a few people (children included) had died there in years past. I loved living in that funky,creepy place. Until KKK literature repeatedly turned up on my car's windshield. Then I moved to a funkier place called Las Vegas,Nevada. Krude being Krude. Always and forever.

Forwarding to the now of 2018,the best news I've witnessed is the returns of guitarist Vinnie Vincent and the Seth Rollins Curb Stomp wrestling finisher. Not a bad way to start a year. Let's make it great!

Brady fumbled



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