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Follow the leader. The terminally brainless often do so. They have no choice. And no taste. But the brainless somehow know they have needs.They are the reason things 'trend' in a majorly way.

How many of you have spread sriracha sauce on your food over past few years? Care to admit to it? I never liked sriracha sauce before the all the unwarranted craze. I'm a Cholula sauce kinda guy. Sold in a glass container.Product of Mexico. Sriracha comes in a big ugly squeeze top plastic bottle. Product of Thailand.Pass.

Everybody's mom made their kids cupcakes at one time or another. Then why were boutique cupcakes all the rage with the masses for a while? At $5 each. Fuck that. I did try Crumbs,Magnolia and Butter Lane cupcakes in NYC. They were just moms cupcakes at an inflated size and price. Nothing special.

Youtube often has people doing stupid things and filming it for the express purpose of uploading it for possible 'viral' status. All for added attention. No $ involved. At least the Jackass crew were making money while doing crazy stunts. Excess pain and possible death in exchange for internet popularity isn't worth it. Ever.

Ed Sheeran. Sounds like the name of the guy who runs the deli counter at my usual supermarket. Actually, I think Sheeran is the new Muzak.Boring,generic,yet easily digested music product that shifts plenty of units and concert tickets. This guy is a classic example of 'trending'. Catch the wave. Go with the flow. Not me. If there was ever an argument for mass mind control in the media,this guy's music is it.Chocolate Rain save me...

Krude was the first kid in high school to dig Guns N' Roses in 1987. Loved their first album. Liked the follow up EP Lies. Can't stand the Use Your Illusion albums. I ain't about blind allegiance. Believe it.

So Krude will leave you this week by spilling some of my musical taste on this blog. If bullshit like Ed Sheeran can 'trend' then Krude feels The Battery Electric should trend extra.I've been into this New Jersey based rock band for 3 years. They have released 3 EP's and one full album in that time. And not a bum musical note played in the bunch. Check 'em out.




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