The Krude Experience - Brand


Krude being a big lifelong KISS fan got to thinking about the current state of the band. Two original members and two replacement members are now the makeup (no pun intended) in KISS. The iconic makeup and characters that the 4 original KISS members created in their own personal alter egos are now just a trademarked marketing strategy. So in essence,me or you could put on the Peter Criss makeup and costume and get behind the drums and be part of KISS,the brand. To guys like me and many others,we don't want to see a version of KISS with non original member characters on the stage. Total blasphemy. But the brand of KISS will live on....

If Sam Adams beer was produced and put into green bottles with a label that said 'Dollar Tree beer',would you still buy it? Same product ingredients,but different packaging. I would. Good is good,regardless of its wrapping. But the Sam Adams bottle is an all time classic and adds to the experience of drinking their fine beer. The Sam Adams brand (which is produced all over the USA,not just in New England) is a trusted name in quality. Branding is trust. And trust is key in shifting mass quanities of products.

The Playboy bunny logo is one of the most recognized brands on the planet. Krude used to have Playboy bunny stickers (found in supermarket vending machines) all over my school book lockers. Along with partially hidden centerfolds.Krude is Krude. But when Playboy decided to eliminate the nudity in their magazine a few years ago,that logo didn't quite hold water anymore. Playboy was nudity,with articles. Having no nudity made Playboy just an overpriced Fredericks of Hollywood catalog,with articles. Fuck that. Good thing Playboy is back to nudity these days.Hugh Hefner is smiling in heaven.

And then there are the brands that often get called by their names whenever their specific product genre is needed:

"Give me a Coke" -Southern way of asking for a cola drink

"Do you have any Trojans" - Question often asked at after midnight retail places. Usually a dude will take whatever is available in prophylactics

"I need a Band-Aid for my cut" - Band-Aid is a quality brand,but any sterile bandage will do when spilling blood

Even Kapn Krude is a brand. Though there is only one true Krude. Mahalo. 

And they're off....


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