The Krude Experience - Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

Robert Plant uttered that famous line during a Led Zeppelin show in the 1970's. When Richard Nixon was POTUS. A gas shortage was around the corner. Vietnam War was still being fought. And for my money,television shows were better. You couldn't say shit or fuck or penis during that time on television (before cable tv). But television shows tackled more serious,mature themes without the use of nudity or profanity. And it worked. And network tv shows of the 1970's were the only home entertainment (besides the stereo) that most people had. So the quality had to be top notch. Not that there wasn't a bunch a cheese clunker shows at that time. They existed.Color television for most people of the 1970's was a new thing. So even bad shows seemed pretty good in full rabbit ears color.

What made Krude laugh as a youngin' still makes me laugh today. Archie Bunker telling Edith to 'stifle it'. Dean Martin roasting any celebrity. George Jefferson calling white guys 'honky'. It was all in good fun. Never malicious. Nobody went crying to their mommy about what they saw on TV. And no posting opinions on social media. That would come decades later.

Then there is the world of Today. Everything is put under a microscope for total dissection. Nobody can escape scrutiny over anything. YOU are HELD ACCOUNTABLE. See YOU in court. How did society become so super sensitive? And how did entertainment become so structured?

Part of being a 'Kapn Krude' is the ability to see humor in almost anything. Being able to laugh at myself and call myself an asshole is a good thing. Calling anybody at any time an asshole is also a good thing. Freedom of speech isn't case specific.

I am a happy drunk. Meaning,I don't turn into a fucktard after having a few. I laugh more when loaded. Though I've never lost sight of the fact that drinking alcohol in excess should be reserved for special occasions. There is no laughter in being a daily blackout drunkard.

Suck it up.Pardon the butthurt.Put on your big boy pants. And just laugh when something is funny. Life is too short to weed out good vibes.

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