Malt Beverage Of The Week - Four Loko Red

The colors, Duke, the colors!

We are wrapping up the unofficial Malt Beverage March with another new flavor of Four Loko as the bWb Malt Beverage Of The Week! We covered the Gold, we covered the Black, and now we have the Red on tap!

Apparently Four Loko Red is only available in limited areas and hasn't been given a full nationwide release yet. This was another beverage that I stumbled across in my travels that I didn't even know existed, so you can't NOT buy it and give it a try in that case.

As a special treat I decided to hit the record button and crack open the can for this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat. 

Listen to "Four Loko Red, MD 20/20 Blue, and Battle Of The Booze!" on Spreaker.

How does it taste? With a "red" name I was expecting something similar to a fruit punch taste, but it was more sweet and similar to a Swedish fish. It does down fairly smooth and like the other two colors it comes in at 14% ALC/VOL  and CONTAINS ALCOHOL! It's actually pretty tasty and gets you a good buzz going the more I drink and type this. I could see it being a good summer drink for those of you like that like to get a good buzz going on the way to your summer bbq functions.

Congrats again to MD 20/20 Blue Raspberry for their victory in the 2018 BWB Battle Of The Booze Tournament!

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