The Krude Experience - Krude is Back!

Krude is Back!

That's right. Krude is back. For nearly 3 years straight without stopping with fresh Krudeness every week, it was time for a break. But now, no more excuses. Chill the bubbly. Or call your clergyman. Preemptive antibiotic infusions not needed. Krude is back! Get used to it.

The death of my father hit me hard. Kinda weird since I'd only been in his presence twice since 1996. In my mind I was constantly going over all the positive scenarios that I went through with him. It was only fitting that I accentuate the good and tuck away the bullshit upon his death. It was a wild ride being related to that fucker. To expect the unexpected was very much the norm with him. But I wouldn't change anything that went down during our time together on earth. All that shit made Krude, Krude. And I'm letting bygones be bygones. Godspeed Lenny.

Sitting at a bar a few days after he died was a surreal experience. I wasn't looking for tail or to get blitzed (?!?!?). I was drinking Guinness drafts and thinking about life after Dad. And what life will be like for my 20 year old son and me, for the future. I know that my son has a smart, rational head on his death metal loving shoulders. But he doesn't know his Dad is Kapn Krude. Nor does he fully know about his late grandfather's chequered past. Things will change....

Drinking more stout beer these days. Sam Adams or Yuengling are my usual choices. But Guinness stout doesn't cause me any extracurricular physical pain, so why not? I won't tell my doctor. Ha!

Judas Priest/Saxon/Black Star Riders was an epic show I saw recently in Newark, NJ. Priest, at almost 50 years together, still brought the metal hard for an enthusiastic crowd. Awesome show by Priest. Seeing Ricky Warwick lead the Black Star Riders was 28 years in the making for Krude. It was 1990 when I last saw Warwick perform when he was with The Almighty. Saxon played great as well. A true New Wave of British Heavy Metal original. 

Another stellar show Krude attended recently with Bum Wine Bob himself was My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. I've seen TKK about 20 times over the years. To see them in a rustic style NJ roadhouse was a first. TKK played mostly 80's era tunes with the usual sleazy zest that they are known for. The rock keeps rolling in NJ....

Weather is getting warmer. Baseball is in full swing. Krude is happy to be writing this blog again. Life is good. Mahalo

The sea refuses no river...


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