BWB Malt Liquor Mayhem

Malt Liquor May is upon us! I have spent weeks searching liquor stores high and low trying to find as much unique malt liquor and high gravity beverages that I possibly could to stock up and prepare for this month, and now it's finally here.

Just take a look at what we have on tap. All the big name classics are present and accounted for this extravaganza. Mickeys, Colt 45, King Cobra, St. Ides, Steel Reserve, Earthquake, Natty Daddy, and Olde English 800 are just a few of the fine beverages we will be featuring at this month.

If you think the WWE went all out for and their Greatest Royal Rumble event (click the link to check out the review), they have nothing on BWB Malt Liquor Mayhem!

While the term "malt liquor" and what is considered "malt liquor" can be fairly vague, I will let our friends from break it down for you.

"What differentiates malt liquor from other styles of lager? Well, to put it bluntly, the malt liquor that we all know and love is cheap, sweet, and strong. The basic American style of malt liquor is brewed using inexpensive ingredients (usually corn) with more sugar in the fermentation, which is what gives it a higher alcohol content than other cheap go-to lagers like Bud Light, Old Milwaukee, or Schlitz. Beers like those tend to carry an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of 3.5% - 5.0%, whereas malt liquors range from 5.5% - 12% ABV (the higher end of this scale are known as high gravities, or HGs)." -

Go ahead and grab a can or bottle of your favorite malt liquor and join us on our Malt Liquor May adventure!

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