The Krude Experience - Patriots


I know what you're thinking: Krude gonna take another stab justified at ripping the New England Patriots corrupt football team a new arse hole. As much fun as that would be,it is not to be this week for the Krude Experience. I want to celebrate people of the USA who are the true patriots of our fine country. Civil disobedience is their middle name. And you know they will have your back in any fight against injustice.These are people who don't have the Fear permanently instilled inside of them.So puff out your chest proud and read on. No listening to Lee Greenwood while reading either. Pu-leeze.

Any five foot nothing, buzz cutted, quasi-dyke teenager chick who can claim people use her likeness as firing range target fodder is cool with me. Gutsy broad. Still probably learning the sensual benefits of both a cock and pussy. And still finds time to pitchfork stuffy assclowns on social media and at public rallies. Carry on Emma Gonzalez

Who would've thought that former pro wrestlers could become the hugest movie star or hold serious public office? Jesse Ventura won the governor seat of Minnesota in 1999 with only using $300k of donation cash as an Independent. That's impressive. Add to the fact that Ventura was a legit Navy SEAL who served in Vietnam before becoming a pro wrestler. Jesse makes my Patriot list because he walks his talk. And he clearly recognizes that the USA is basically a one political party state. There is certainly time to bleed, Jesse.

How Greg Palast keeps himself alive is a mystery. All he does is uncover vast amounts of American corruption and reports on it using truth and facts. Telling the truth when Big $ needs a lie to fly usually gets the truth teller silenced,for eternity. Fedora wearing Patriot? Yes. I'll take a truth seeking dude in a fedora over a false prophet type with an Old Glory pin on their lapel any day of the week.

A new, but equally patriotic entry to the mix is James Shaw Jr. To disarm a disturbed thrill killer with bare hands and manage to collect $ for victim's families while recovering from crazy ordeal is beyond cool. That's True Grit. He must be made of steel to handle Waffle House food at 3am.

Memorial Day isn't just a 3 day weekend. It is the most important holiday of the year. Thank you to ALL who have defended our freedoms as Americans.



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