The Krude Experience - Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

Sometimes you just gotta say "What the fuck". Instead of wasting some rare free time from lifework by sleeping,drinking,or watching Dave Chappelle (all acceptable choices). Krude took a drive to the Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park,New Jersey. Silverball is most probably the only arcade on Earth that houses vintage coin op pinball and video games.With flat prices to play all the games without being weighed down quarters or tokens. Good deal.

The first thing that will hit you as you walk into Silverball is the familiar smell of old,overused deep fry oil. When an arcade has a snack bar (like Silverball),the smell of a 1.8 million French fries served will automatically be present.Mixed with the smell of the Asbury Park boardwalk and beach.No cigarette smoke though. That's kinda odd when playing pinball. And no booze. Didn't expect it to be available,but had to ask anyway.

All sorts of vintage to modern day pinball games are housed at Silverball. With a bunch of vintage arcade amusements and video games. With it only costing $15 to play in the arcade for half a day,trying out all the machines is the order of the day. Krude observation:The older the pinball machine,the less fun it is to play. All the pre 1970's pinball machines were more fun to look at than play. The old school baseball machine has always been a Krude favorite. The newest pinball machines made by Jersey Jack were awesome. The Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit were JJ's recent machine builds. Perfect mix of smooth game play and modern day entertainment. Best games in the arcade.

Getting to play super rare pinball machines was a real treat. The Evel Knievel machine may have been the rarest (I don't remember seeing it in the 70's). But what made the Evel machine so special were the chicks that greet you on the game board. Inviting smiles and firm nipples,in cartoon form. Excellent. 

So if you're ever in NJ and need an indoor activity to do that doesn't involve alcohol or consensual sex,check out the Silverball Museum Arcade. And on your way in or out of Asbury Park, feel free to stop at Discount Liquors Warehouse. Excellent selection of bottom shelf delights as well as the usual booze fare. Krude approved.  

Thank you Dr.Rick Lubitz. Your passion for pinball is now for everybody's enjoyment. You rule!

Crazy flipper fingers


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