The Krude Experience - Put Up Yer Dukes

Put Up Yer Dukes

Damn. Sometimes getting nostalgic about good childhood memories can pay off in a major way. Case in point-my love for the TV show The Dukes Of Hazzard. Good ol' Amazon Prime recently put a ton of vintage Dukes episodes up and Krude just had to start watching again. It had been no less than 30 years since I had watched that show. So I started watching at the beginning of the series. Little did I remember,but oh so infatuated with I saw. Holy fucking shit! This show kicked ass. And Krude wants to review episode 2 of season 1 of the series for you. Daisy's Song.

Episode 2, Daisy's Song deals with Daisy Duke having a song she has written(?!?) being stolen and recorded by Jessi Colter (show balladeer Waylon Jennings real life old lady). So the Duke family has to find a way to solve this crisis,the only way they how.What was nice about the Dukes early on during their run was that the episodes were mostly shot on location. Not on a Hollywood sound stage. So the premise of being in the South seems all the more authentic.

This episode is noteworthy for a few things. We find out that Luke Duke allegedly had a girlfriend who turned to prostitution after they split.There is a whorehouse on wheels (Winnebago) that the Duke boys will use to thwart the bad guys. Boss Hogg cheats on Lulu (his wife). And the Duke boys had a different car other than the General Lee at one time. Minor facts though essential to Dukes nerds. Like me.  

Car chases,gratuitous camel toe, dipshit cops,explosives,etc.... the usual Dukes elements are on display in this early episode. For the Duke family (who are all on probation for moonshining) they commit a ton of felonies every show. How is somebody on probation to the Federal government allowed to own sticks of dynamite? And use that dynamite to destroy a cop car? Only in Hazzard County, tv land.

I have to admit,I never thought I would enjoy an old Dukes episode as much as I did. I never realized how sleazy this show really was. And I realize that a show like The Dukes Of Hazzard could never exist in our current national climate. That's just a crying shame.

Cuff 'em and stuff 'em


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