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Make no mistake, Krude loves him some live rock music. I go all the time to see bands bring their best note noodling to my ears. And on this rare occasion, Krude spent his time at a 2 day rock festival called M3 located on the outskirts of Baltimore. Roughly 18 hours of solid rock music,over the course of two days,interspersed with quality time sic waiting on booze and toilet lines. Rock n' Roll!

Then there is an issue I have with M3 and their ticket purchasing ways. I bought what are called VIP tickets. Having this ticket meant getting a decent seat,access to VIP only bathrooms and bars,and meet and greet times with artists. Sounds good,eh? Not really. Seems that the M3 people sold tons of VIP tickets.This in turn made being VIP not worth the extra $. Lesson learned: don't buy VIP anything at M3. What a shitshow. Spend the saved $ on booze. Or rubbers. Also,L.A.Guns were originally on the bill. They cancelled due to issues with M3 producers. Hmmmm...

The music is what we were all there for. And the bands didn't disappoint.Hot as balls out on Day 1. Whiskey on the rocks cooled me off. Here's what Krude witnessed:


Nelson played a great,rocking set. All the hits and a hit from their late dad Ricky Nelson were performed. Big props to these musicians.Much better than expected

Faster Pussycat

Sleazy and rocking,as usual. Good to see singer Taime Downe on the stage. He almost bought the farm last year. FP lives to see another tour....


Oldest school band on the bill. Solid set. I was having a pulled pork sandwich for dinner during this show. Sounded great from my picnic table in the woods though


Hometown heroes do good. Played entire Blow My Fuse album. Still a party seeing these guys after all these years.Crowd totally ate it up. Mostly original lineup having mucho fun. Yes!

Tom Keifer
Cinderella front man playing as headliner on Day 1. Should've just reformed Cinderella for this cuz he played 90% Cinderella tunes. Good gig anyways.

Day 2 of M3 had an 11:30am start time. So Krude enjoyed beer for breakfast and got to the seats in time for Warrant. Overcast,rainy weather. Easily 30 degrees cooler than Day 1. Krude should've brought a jacket. Or bought a Nelson hoodie.


Stripped down set from Warrant. Hearing all the late Jani Lane written hits at lunchtime was a treat. Singer Robert Mason was extra awesome

Last In Line
Former Dio members Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell bringing vintage Dio tunes to large audience. This was great. Stand up and Shout!

Lynch Mob

George Lynch of Dokken fame and Robert Mason (again!) reunite for a spirited set of guitar heavy rock. Plenty of air guitar was being played in the crowd for this. George is a Guitar God

God rock experts still throw Bibles out to the crowd at end of show. Not my thing

This was a weird show. Very sloppy. New wild drummer should be in a better band than this. Maybe some piped in vocals. Got drinks during this set. Glad I did

Sebastian Bach

This was the best set played all weekend. Bach was in a great mood and his pipes sounded solid. The entire crowd was into this. Classic Skid Row numbers nearly brought the house down. Skid Row need to reunite. Now

Ace Frehley

Ouch. Ace was not at his best this night. An illness slowed him down a bunch. I'm sure it wasn't dope or booze. Next time...

After being baked on Day 1 and rained on and chilled Day 2,Krude decided to pack it in before Night Ranger and Queensryche.Went back to crappy hotel and checked out. Drove home to NJ.From what I have seen on YouTube,Night Ranger played great. Queensryche is down to 2 original members at this point. Even if I wasn't so drained,I doubt I would've stayed for Queensryche. No Geoff Tate. No Queensryche. Fuck 'em.

M3 has been 10 years of bringing rock music to a large stage in Maryland. Bands that are not currently playing venues larger than a club get a chance to play in front of thousands of appreciative fans. This is a good thing. The Merriweather Pavillion was still being rebuilt after a roof collapse last year. The venue was fine for its purpose this weekend. Decent booze and food selections. Friendly crowd. Krude approved. If M3 put together another solid bill next year,I will be there. Word.

So for Krude to spend 2 days rocking in the outdoors,it had to be a show I deem worthy. M3 is worthy. Rock n' Roll!

Went to a Garden Party...


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