The Krude Experience - Meds


Win some. Lose some. Life is one long game of smiles or frowns.Winning is celebrating and loving everything that is Right in your world.The losing part always requires some kind of remedy to quell the agony of defeat. Hurt from loss needs to be consoled. Pain is not an option. Fix me. Now

Have a belt of bourbon. Shot of Sambuca. Long drag off a fat joint. Pain pill saved up from prior root canal. Whatever it takes to make you smile again is worth it. We need to be :)

Whatever gets you through the night
Is alright,is alright- John Lennon

Krude would rather be content than happy all the time. I am so used to physical and mental misery that the usual 'fixes' don't thrill me anymore.

I used to lament rainy days cuz my bones ache worse and my hair becomes unruly. When my bank balance dips below $30 and I receive the email notice, I don't sweat any of it anymore. Resting up for future physicality is the norm now.

Call it Vagabond Zen. I call it success in life. I'm a chill guy. I did recently bitch out a legit bitch who was bitching me out continually for five seasonal changes. Type A's need harsh, direct responses. They are programmed that way.

Drinking on the job. Krude thinks this is needed more than ever at the workplace. Not necessarily for the booze. But for the experience. Placebo effect is often contagious. Drink a Cutter and have flatulence superiority exercises. Why the fuck not?

Reality is pain more so than pleasure. Hedonism is Krude. Krude is human. Some pills will thrill. More pills will kill. Choose wisely. Live to see thousands of more sunrises.

And have a special someone to share the sunsets...

Never pleading the 5th,


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