The Krude Experience - Ringing


Get a concussion, its called 'getting your bell rung'. Migraine, nausea, disorientation are the usual effects of a concussion. And in some cases, tinnitus: ringing in the ears. I have had a couple of concussions in my time.And tinnitus wasn't a factor. What gave me permanent tinnitus was something far more sinister than stiff blows to the skull.


I got something to say. It's better to... You know the rest if you're familiar with Def Leppard. If you don't, you're probably virginal or into The Wiggles. Or both.

Def Fucking Leppard was the reason my hearing became fucked up for eternity.

First row tickets for a Def Leppard/Tesla gig in 1987 did the Krude ears in. Leppard played the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey in October 1987. Tickets for the show went on sale a few months ahead of time. I went to a Ticketmaster outlet the morning the tickets went on sale. Surprisingly, nobody else was there for Def Leppard/Tesla tickets. So when the tickets went on sale at 10am that morning,I told the ticket agent to give me 2 tickets in the best location. And for about $18 each, I scored first row tickets on the floor. The show was being played in the round. So there was technically 4 first rows. But I was happy anyway.

At the show, my seats were directly against a wall of floor mounted speaker cabinets. About 8 feet high of them to my right. Tesla came on and played Comin' Atcha Live as their opening tune. That's when I realized how loud this show was going to be. Tesla was cool and well received by the crowd. Def Leppard came on and the sound got even louder. Painfully loud.

For nearly two hours, Def Leppard rocked the Meadowlands. A little known fact about that show was the lack of a sellout crowd. It was about 3/4 full that night. DF's Hysteria album had just been released and wasn't yet the mega album it was to become.

The next morning after the show,my ears were ringing something fierce. Sitting in high school homeroom was surreal. I couldn't hear very well and the morning announcements sounded like mush. After a few days, my hearing came back,but the ringing in my ears remained. And still remains to this day. 

So listening to phone calls with my right ear isn't ever happening again. Listening to loud music for prolonged periods of time will happen only at rock shows. Trying to fall asleep with tinnitus is always tricky. And being ill always makes the ear ringing louder.

Life goes on. Wear earplugs kids.


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