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Since being 'full of shit' is fast becoming the National civics standard, Krude wants to have a bit of bloggy fun. I try to be as truthful(and opinionated) as possible with the Krude Experience. If it happened, I write about it. I am not at all interested in 'alternative facts'. Truth is pure. Bullshit smells. This blog will smell like 6 shades of ass. Without a tramp stamp to admire for partial redemption. Bottoms up!

I'm hearing from a reliable source that Four Loko will be become the corporate sponsor at the new Las Vegas stadium home for the Raiders. Instead of hearing a vendor yell 'beer here' in the stands,they will yell 'Yo Loko!'. Times have changed. For the better. Year 2020 can't come quick enough for Krude.

It was nice to hear that medicinal marijuana will be a large part of the new Medicare plan passed by Congress.Pot now has the blessing from all evangelicals. So getting stoned to relieve pain will come with Uncle Sam's approval. I can't imagine what Pat Robertson would be like all red eyed and loopy.

Policemen are reportedly contemplating making the usage of anabolic steroids and growth hormones mandatory among all new recruits.The federal government is considering lifting the doping laws just for the new cops. Makes sense. Former pro wrestlers and baseball players can have a second career as a cop and still keep their physique for weekend meet and greet photo op shows.

Studies show that monosodium glutamate is actually a nutritional necessity with an average daily diet. Many foods were forced to remove ms due to previous federal regulations and junk scientific scorn. Everybody knows how good foods taste with ms in them. Good to know it's good for us as well.
Paul and Ringo are reportedly considering hiring Julian Lennon and Noel Gallagher to play in a new version of the Beatles. The proposed album and tour is expected to gross around $2.3 Billion for about 50 shows worldwide. This arrangement has Yoko Ono's blessing. And Sean Lennon's disgust.

Webmaster and overall Head Drunkard here Bum Wine Bob has enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. This move doesn't come with any surprise. His patriotic American tendencies have been largely ignored abroad.He will have to forgo his usual low rent booze for quality French wine and rum.And wear a queer looking white pillbox cap.But the FFL is getting a quality dude. Write home often BWB. We'll miss ya


Happy 4th of July 2018!

Yours truly,

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