The Krude Experience - The Song Retains The Game

The Song Retains The Game 

The ever curious Krude took another road trip down the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey to Atlantic City to see the new Hard Rock Hotel. Why the fuck not?

The Hard Rock Hotel+Casino is the once mighty Trump Taj Mahal hotel/casino with a current 2018 face lift. Most everything was the same.The only thing that was radically different was the elimination of the poker room. That was a major punch to the dick for Krude. I first played poker at the Taj in 1994. Best poker room I ever played in. Including any in Las Vegas.

Hard Rock name is synonymous with rock star memorabilia. Check some out:

Sitting at bar at 11:30 am near casino playing joker poker while sipping Sam Adams Summer Ale. Won about $200 playing 3 hands at once. Two dudes sit near me and order drinks. They have Corona beers and some kind of whiskey/cognac straight. Then their bill comes. $268. WTF!!! Not sure what the dark hooch was.But it surely wasn't worth $125 each. If I had won more at joker poker,I may have picked up that tab and had myself one as well. And been rated. Ha!

The crowd at new Hard Rock was mainly Taj veterans mixed with current tourist types. Not too many kids,which was nice. Playing table games was a letdown though. The Taj used to have the best dealers and croupiers. Only a few are still there. Now its amateur city in that casino. Hopefully they work out the kinks soon.  

I ate lunch near the Boardwalk at Hard Rock. Standard burger and fries fare. A small band was setting up getting ready to play when I was eating. Classic rock tunes. A jukebox would've been better. Don't expect anything other than mediocre rock cover bands to play at this hotel in the lounges. Beats Muzak or Michael Bolton, I guess.

The last time I saw a show at Etess Arena in the Taj was Motley Crue in 2013. The arena still stands and plays host to all kinds of live music. If you come to AC, definitely check out a gig at Hard Rock. Music is the best- Frank Zappa

For the past 2 years,the northern part of the Atlantic City boardwalk has been a ghost town. Taj and Revel both went belly up. Now things are picking up. A few tweeks here and there and the Hard Rock Casino just may become the new Krude place to chill in AC. Mahalo

Toll roads and a farmer's tan,


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