The Krude Experience - The Dive

The Dive

Finding a place to hang out at for Krude isn't the easiest thing to do.Most commercial establishments don't appeal to me much.Those places are too normal for maximum Krudeness to be exploited. I like to kick back with good chow,generous drink portions and cool tunes. And having a few hottie chicks around never hurts.

Krude found his way to a place in Cranford,NJ called Riverside Inn Bar. Or to the locals, The Dive. The Dive is an older single dwelling on a main road with a small patio in front. It's a smallish bar that serves food from a tiny kitchen. What makes this bar so special is a combination of ambiance, booze, food, and people: The usual suspects in a good bar. What got Krude to be a fan was the food. Then everything fell into place. Godspeed.

Ordering a quality dinner from a paper plate stapled to a wall is the norm at the Dive. You can ask a bartender for a menu. But I never do. The wall plate menu items are always top notch. I have had everything from prime rib dinners to bacon wrapped scallops to Po Boy fish sandwiches. And back again. All fucking stellar.Krude approved.Sit at the bar. Watch a game. Drink a coldie. Have a great meal. What else do you need?

The people who come into the Dive are of every age and generation. Twentysomethings to Geritol poppers are going to be hanging at the Dive at any given time. I fall right smack in the middle of this demographic. I can talk to the older people with ease. Talk with the Millennials with ease. Even a small band can squeeze into the Dive. Yes!

This isn't a pick up joint. Though I'm sure some people think of it that way. I don't. I'm 48 yrs old. Been there. Done that....

Have to be honest here. I haven't been to the Dive in a few months.Various life changes have kept me away from that area of NJ. I will return in the near future.And I will order a meal off of the paper plates. Mahalo

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