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Man Show

Krude gave up on most network and cable television a long time ago. Same shit,different day,I say about television. Live sports or pro wrestling shows are the only thing I watch on television these days. Cop,lawyer,or doctor shows all suck balls to me.Scripted 'reality' shows suck even bigger testicles.Just give me some Crazy Russian Hacker or Dave's World of Fun Stuff on YouTube.Homespun videos from genuinely entertaining dudes.Best part: It's free. At least for now.

I really like the premise of YouTube. I do not like the heavy commercialism as of late on the website. Tons of ads polluting just about every video available to watch. Fuck.

But there were a few tv shows I never missed. One of which is the Man Show.

If there was ever a show that defined Krude, this is it. Booze, broads, laughs, and occasional midgets. I recently binge watched a dvd set I have of the Man Show.I hadn't watched it in at least a decade. When the show was new,I was married with a young child. It made me laugh then. It makes me laugh now.

Adam Corrolla and Jimmy Kimmel were the original hosts of the Man Show. It was pre taped comedy skits and footage shot before a live audience. The audience members were given free beer to drink(!!!). There was a balladeer in the form of a speed drinking,dirty piano playing genius named The Fox. And then there was the Juggies. The Juggies were hot chicks that were used for different skits and to warm up the live audience. Like I said, booze, broads and laughs. And occasional midgets.

My favorite skits on the Man Show were:

Household Hints from Adult Film Stars (Jenna Jameson,Devon etc..)
The Man Show Hall of Fame (Andre the Giant and Scott Baio)  and
The Man Show Boy (11 year old kid who tries to score hooch and pick up chicks)

And many more awesome skits. Krude approved.

I know most people under the age of 30 don't remember the Man Show. That's ok. Kapn Krude is here to spread the word of quality almost R rated television programming. I'm not sure what qualifies as comparable entertainment these days. I do know that Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corrolla struck comedy gold with the Man Show in 1999. And for that, Krude is happy. Mahalo

Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!


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