The Krude Experience - The Krude, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Krude,The Bad,and The Ugly

Another week in the history books goes by and Krude still being Krude. I don't change. No need to. But life is about being privy to many ups,downs,smiles,and frowns. You dig?

Another trip Renaissance Faire in NY State for Krude. The usual tits a plenty fest that the Ren Faire is wasn't this time. Colder temperatures made the fairy girls cover up with sweatshirts or jackets. Damn. At least Krude brought along his own set of quality tits with him in the form of a very pretty blonde. Winning, sinning, grinning.... it's all the same to me. Ha!

Dead Boys are still alive and well and brought the Rock hard to NYC again this year. Stiv Bators or no Stiv Bators,this current Dead Boys lineup is great. New singer Jake Hout is one of the best front men in Rock at this point. Krude very proud to wear my first Dead Boys concert shirt. I Need Lunch! Yes!!!

Having to pay my ex wife for family support at this point is pure blasphemy. It's as though the county courts of NJ totally count on the federal kick back $ that they receive when a state support order goes into effect. Having my ex lie about my 20 year old sons' health status just to take $ from me is sickening and soul crushing.Her fraud also takes $ from YOUR pocket. She hasn't been gainfully employed since 2003.She fakes having a disability. And drives a nice sports car. Welfare pays. Believe it.

Oakland Raiders opened their 2018 season with an ugly loss at home to El Lay Rams. Losing Khalil Mack to the Bears may have deflated the franchise a bit. It's only September and Krude already worried about Raiders tanking for high 2019 draft pick. Shit.

Krude is drinking mostly wine these days. Occasional bourbon on the rocks. Hooch is hooch. Just gotta keep my innards from taking an eternal shit on me. Small price to pay for maintaining a Krude hedonistic lifestyle. At the halftime of my life. Mahalo

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