The Krude Experience - Let's Do Something Cheap And Superficial

Let's Do Something Cheap And Superficial

Burt Reynolds has passed away. I am very bummed over this. Krude loves him Burt starring flicks from every era of his illustrious life and career. I would like to review a few of my favorite Burt Reynolds moments for the crowd. Please join me in this celebration.

The Longest Yard

Fuck that bullshit Adam Sandler remake. Burt kills it in the original version. How often do you cheer for the bad guys in a movie? Burt made people believe in a felon's redemption to society and his peers. Best football related movie ever.  MEAN MACHINE!!!!

Boogie Nights

The John Holmes story done with warmth. Burt playing a respectful porn director and keeping this movie from being pure trash is what makes me watch this once a year. Who wouldn't want to do a sex scene for Jack Horner?

Tampa Bay Bandits

Burt kicked in some cash,ass (then wife Loni Anderson) and his own love for football to help the fledgling USFL in the 1980s. Bandit Ball was the way the Bandits played. Hard,fast,and loose. Then a comb-overed carpetbagger had to ruin the fun.

Smokey And The Bandit

The first Burt Reynolds movie I saw in a movie theater. Made me want to get a black Trans Am when I got older. Burt's on screen (and real life) chemistry with Sally Field and Jerry Reed make this the most enjoyable car chase movie I've ever seen. Bootlegging booze was never so much fun.

And as usual,the Krude Experience is brought to you using the title of a song. In this case,a Burt Reynolds song. I found this old 45rpm record at a used record store a few years ago. Then I had it transferred to compact disc. Burt croaks his way through this and makes it an all time classic. RIP Burt. You will always be Krude approved. Godspeed.

Stroker Ace > Days Of Thunder


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