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Under the Radar

Superiority doesn't always come in the form of something that is popular or easily digested. Not by a long shot. Krude wasn't born to follow. So naturally,some of my favorite stuff over the years hasn't been widely recognized for its overall excellence. Time now to exploit the 'not so' obvious. Krude style...

Fraternity Vacation movie

A mid 80s spring break sex comedy that I never knew existed until recently. And I thought I knew all of that genre from the Reagan years. This movie is solid and entertaining.And features Tim Robbins as one of its lead actors. Many familiar faces will be seen in this movie. Some tits. Some ass. Some laffs. Krude approved 80s cheese.

Morphine band

I started listening to Morphine back around 1994. An odd 3 piece band consisting of slide bass,baritone sax and drums. Mark Sandman was the bassist/singer of this group. He died in 1999. But for 5 years of my life,this band ruled my ears. And still rule my ears with their dark,sinewy,sensual,spirited musical originality.

Larceny bourbon

Got turned on to this hooch a few years back after asking a bartender for Bookers bourbon and having Larceny served instead.I loved it.Bait and switch never tasted so good. 92 proof and better than overrated Makers Mark. Around $25 a bottle is quite the bargain. Ask for Larceny if your local booze merchant doesn't have it. It's your social duty to alert the community to this special bourbon.

Taylor Ham

Krude often goes on the road looking for new kicks. Yet anywhere outside of NJ,it is virtually impossible to get pork roll Taylor Ham. To have a pork roll egg and cheese sandwich on a kaiser bun to start a day of kicks seeking is perfect. I'm not into scrapple or country gravy and biscuits. Taylor ham is the tits. Get some!

Online Smut
For most people, PornHub is their go to for ultra skin videos. PH is cool,but very pop-up unfriendly. Krude enjoys his triple x rated entertainment on Smoother navigating. Doesn't cater to the pseudo incest crowd. Has most of what I want to watch. And it's Free. Great price. Krude approved. 18 and older only.

Enjoy everything life has to offer. Don't settle. Be picky. Life is short. Mahalo

Life in the crass lane...


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