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Wasn't Born To Follow

There isn't a lot of don't in the life of Krude. I usually do as I please when I please. No warnings or announcements. I just do it. All done within a general code of law and decency. Usually.

I try to learn as much as possible about Life most people would consider being trivial. Experience is where I draw most of my inspiration to exist. That's the true Krude M.O. And by this point of my 48 years on Earth,I have seen an awful lot. Awful being the operative word.

Doing as I please hasn't come without a hefty price tag. But it does come with the satisfaction of knowing I did it my way. And didn't follow in the footsteps of anybody. This mantra has ultimately cost me a more lavish lifestyle and a heavier bank account. And a very possible stint in the Federal joint.

It sickens me to see people following in the corrupt footsteps of their elders. If I had followed in the path of my old man,I would be serving time and die estranged from all loved ones. Add lose millions of $ while on this path of destruction. Instead,I took the high road and learned what not to do during my lifespan. Hence, the Krude Experience exists.

Another Krude blog inspired by a song. If you know the song in question,feel free to light patchouli incense and smoke grass. The movie Easy Rider from the late 1960's is still a celluloid slab of counter culture reality.With motorcycles. It's cyclical message and harsh ending resonate much louder in America 2018. This flick is pushing 50 years old. So am I. But we've both aged nicely.  

NFL season opens this week. Wonder what will happen if I take a knee at the usual Sunday Ticket carrying bar I frequent. I won't be wearing a Tebow jersey,so that alibi is off limits. Mahalo

Far out, solid, and Right On!


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