The Krude Experience - Axe Murderers

Axe Murderers

Krude recently spew a Tweet from his BlackBerry that didn't receive any likes or responses. Roughly 100 Twitter people did at least peruse the message. All I asked was if anybody could name a legit guitar playing hero that debuted no earlier than 1998. Easy enough question to comprehend. Tough question to answer. Personally,I could only think of Jack White. But he is more known for his voice and song writing prowess. His guitar chops are ok. Very unique. But where are the talented musicians to carry the torch for the Gen Z crowd?

Millions of people watched something called American Music Awards recently. Did anybody spot anybody playing a guitar or even performing a solo during that broadcast? I doubt it. Popular music is not about change its current saccharine formula for download sales.Beat,melody hook,repeat.And tits.Not a bad formula,if you live on a steady diet of Cheez Doodles and Red Bull.

Krude has confession. I use Axe spray as a deodorant on some days. The can of Axe I use is of the 'limited edition' variety called Mature. I found a bunch of these cans in an Atlantic City boardwalk dollar store. Works great for me. Doesn't smell too 'almost' trendy like most Axe scents. Just punch a little under the pits and go. Not everyday. But a few times a week. And never as a body spray. Christ, that would be torture to my work mates and clients. Not to mention the gf.

Krude recently read that Guitar Hero video game went belly up. No more new plastic 4 button joysticks for the wannabe rock gods to manipulate. Good riddance. After watching my then 10 year old son in 2008 play the Accept classic Balls To The Wall on a Guitar Hero guitar,I decided that GH was evil. He was kicking all sorts of ass on those 4 colorful buttons for a song that only requires two fingers to play it for real on most of the song. So I taught him to play the real Balls To The Wall riff. And he has been playing a real guitar ever since.

Is learning how to play an instrument like a guitar too difficult for kids these days who are brought up on Iphones,video on demand,and drive thru Dunkin Donuts? Attention spans for most people ranges from none to barely any. Sitting at home with a smart phone and a fridge full of junk food is all most people need to fulfill their need for Happiness. Not Krude. Never. I go for it. Every day. Let the weak sit back and get fat. I live and learn. And live some more.Mahalo

Segovia's pinky callus > Greta Van Anything


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