The Krude Experience - Broads, Booze, and the Inevitable Reality

Broads, Booze, and the Inevitable Reality

Krude is 48 years on this planet.Seen it ALL. I have managed to stay in decent physical shape at this stage of life.Hence,the Krude ego gets massively inflated. Arrogance is exploited. And I flaunt the Krude aura every step of the way forward. Then the inevitable reality of aging rears it's mangy head and brings the Krudemeister back down to mother fucker Earth. Ouch.

Drinking booze for me now is like playing a game of chess being 3 moves ahead mentally. I have to make sure I don't drink too much to hinder the next days activities. This self effacing fact comes from recent self analysis. Being 48 years old sure isn't like being 24 years young. If I envy anything from the Millennials of the world,it is their youth. And only their youth. Time for the M'ers to experience life from every angle. Not just behind an HD screen and a memory foam ass cushion.

Great to have a chick that is in top physical shape with enough natural energy to power Seattle city limits for a month. Too bad Krude has a thrice fucked spine. Gots to pop periodic meds before and after doing the horizontal trust thrust. Chronic pain sucks.But just try resist a super pretty blonde who loves to smother my hurting carcass with peripheral kisses. Impossible. Mahalo

If aging is the inevitable with the Human experience. Then death is the utmost certainty of a life. Best to live every day as if it was your last. But be smart enough to wake up every next day....



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