The Krude Experience - In The Air Tonight

In The Air Tonight

Krude always finds himself in a 'not so typical' spot. Never been one to live Type A nor completely off the grid. I do manage to find myself being in relationships with women who truly fascinate me. Their looks.Their attitude.Their smarts. And their occupation. This time, Krude has an airline flight attendant for a squeeze.

Dating a chick who flies a few miles off the ground for 4 or 5 days a week is a bizarre challenge for Krude. When your honey bunny is beyond normal cell phone location limits on most days,it makes for interesting communication methods. You have to download texting apps and hope WiFi exists on her current flight. She can only check messages when she is not pouring a mimosa or scotch and serving dull pretzels to the passengers. So basically,any exchange of text or verbiage is usually made when the flight has landed. Strange indeed. Can't even inquire about what which thong she wore under her uniform dress until she steps off the plane and goes to a hotel for the evening. Then I get a text pic of my chick in said thong. It's just the waiting part that gets to me. Patience is NOT a virtue when sexting.

The schedule Lady Krude works is unreal. For instance, she may start the day in Newark,NJ. Fly to Boston. From Boston to Des Moines. Des Moines to Denver. Stay overnight in Denver. Wake up and fly from Denver to San Francisco. Then go from SF to Chicago. Have a 8 hour layover. Then fly back to Newark NJ. Only to get about 12 hours at home. Then the airline calls with another wacky itinerary. All the while wearing a tight,form fitting dress and having to be nice to everybody. Dudes of all ages hand her their business card and/or phone #s when exiting the plane. She has quite the collection of dude digits. Even has very famous rock stars hit on her. All this to make a mediocre pay check. Think you would want to do this for a living? 

Making time to play with my woman is tricky. Ever been balls deep inside a chick only to have her work company call at 1am to alert her to be ready for a 3 day trip in 4 hours? I bet not. Krude has and it sucks. Multiple pop evenings are not common with a flight attendant gf. Booze consumption for her has to be curtailed as well. Company policy.That's ok though. More for me. Ha!

I bought the ticket. So I took the ride. I would only tolerate this kind of life work with a gf if she was worth it. She is. Beautiful,sweet,smart and always fun to be around. Krude is a lucky guy. Mahalo

Mile high fucking is overrated


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