The Krude Experience - Samhain


Follow the leader He's on a Honda

An old television ad for Honda motorcycles used that slogan to sell their bikes when I was younger. But the guy who owned a CR80 Honda dirt bike was not the leader in the pre teen world of motorsports. The YZ80 (Yamaha) owning kids were often the ones to speed home the quickest after out running the cops through town. This was the early 1980s and times are different now. Or are they?

Halloween is upon us again and Krude does love him some candy. And seeing his chick in a party mood, dressed to thrill.Wow! Same things I loved when I was younger. Just that with over $5k spent at the dentist last year. And the current squeeze wants me to squeeze into a costume this year. I'm not sure if being festive for this year's ghoulish celebration is in the cards. She did buy some choice Hallowine in Wisconsin for us to share. That's my girl. Getting her man tipsy so he becomes mush that is easy to mold. Krude happy to oblige.

The true spirit of Halloween is steeped in the belief of the paranormal world and it's ability to fuck with an upcoming harvest. Luckily for most of us,we don't need to bring a priest around with us to ward off rogue spirits. So basically our holiday on October 31 every year is like most holidays: Junk food options with a friendly figurehead to help sell the 'vibe'. Not a bad thing for Halloween at all. But just about every other holiday can suck elephant cock.

I don't like seeing things that are somewhat spiritual become a cartoon level joke. Going with the flow is just the easy way out. The number one enemy of progress is question. Ask questions. Especially about why anything is celebrated on a national scale. Follow the $ trail. Mahalo

Happy Halloween Girls and Ghouls!


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