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It's here! It's here! Sports gambling is a real entity in New Jersey. Just mosey on down to the Meadowlands sports complex and get real action on practically any sport worth wagering $ on. Or just download the Fan Duel sports book app (New Jersey sitting patrons only) and avoid the stale smoke and the soggy knishes at the Big M. Yes!

This Fan Duel sports wagering app has Krude back in the gambling saddle again. I really haven't bet on NFL football since the 1990's. In those days,calling a bookie was the way to catch action. And then it was going to collect or pay at a pre-arranged location (usually a bar). Now its send $ to app bank. Use that $ to bet with. If you win,either have the $ paid to PayPal. Or have Fan Duel issue a check via snail mail. There are other ways to collect. But I don't trust those methods. Live and learn all youse degenerate gamblers.

Krude laid down his first online bets recently and here are the results:

Steelers -14 vs Bucs. $100 custom line prop wager to win $500. Lost. Fuck the Steelers piss poor defense

Baltimore Orioles to win vs Red Sox. $50 to win $115. Lost. Dumb bet. Fuck MLB in September.

JuJu Schuster Smith to receive for 100 yards vs Bucs. $100 to win $440. Win!!! Yes! Krude happy.

I was spotted $100 just to sign up to Fan Duel with $250 deposit. Good deal. So I cashed out $500 and received a check inside a week. Very good deal.

So if you're ever in NJ and want to lay some $ on a sports event hunch,go for Fan Duel to do you right. Or set up a craps game in the back of a deli or something. Life is action. $ = movement. Words to live by....

Lay your money Taste the honey


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