The Krude Experience - 8 Weeks

8 Weeks

Now is the most dreaded time of the year for Krude. The next 8 weeks will be nothing but hectic stress sprinkled with occasional bits of ecstasy. Holidays,foul weather,manic New Jersey drivers,overplayed seasonal music and birthdays. Plenty of babies have been conceived due to Valentines Day bareback fucking. So many of my personal circle of family and friends are born in November. Shit. Having to make joyful noises more than usual isn't very Krude. It sucks.

The usual built in distractions from the obvious mundane 'holidayisms' are found in extra sports broadcasts and seasonal booze offerings. Nothing beats a Sam Adams Winter Lager draft after a long day of bullshit. Add a good basketball or football game on the tube. And order up some quality eats. At least for 3 hours you can lose yourself in good shit. Then go home to the bad shit. Mahalo

Living in Northeast NJ during holiday season is pure torture. Check a map. No fewer than 10 major roadways flow through Krude headquarters.And all of those roadways contain multiple gigantic shopping malls.Getting home from work is a complete bitch. I've been stocking up on dry goods and Canadian MRE meals(kicks ass) to avoid the traffic on days off. No use in trying to drive anywhere. My blood pleasure is normal. It needs to stay that way.

At the end of the next 8 weeks is a new year. File the old news deep into the cerebrum,turn right. Focus on the future. Smack your old lady on the ass for good luck. Whatever it takes....

Words to live by:

Lord loves a working man
If you get it Get rid of it
Never trust whitey


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