The Krude Experience - Krude Tunes Picks A 2 Z

Krude Tunes Picks A 2 Z

Krude is a true musical renaissance man. I enjoy tunes from practically every era from the beginning of recorded sounds to the present. So for the total fuck of it, I will list songs in alphabetical order from different artists that I deem worthy. Feel free to try a few of these with your streaming service. Or dare I say it, pay outright for the song. Let's go!

A. Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd
Syd Barrett was Pink Floyd. Period.

B. Beyond The Wheel by Soundgarden
Chris Cornell never sounded better after this tune

C. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? by The Cramps
A pressing question only Lux Interior could inquire about

D. Don't Talk To Me About Women by Spike Jones
Spike Jones was the Weird Al of his day. Just way more talented

E. East Bound And Down by Jerry Reed
Bandit and Snowman's theme song. Fuck Smokey

F. Free Me by Roger Daltrey
Will have to by this on CD,cassette or vinyl. Worth the $ to own

G. Green Machine by Kyuss
Heavy and detuned rollicking rock

H. Hard Driving Sister by Circus Of Power
Nice return to form for COP

I. I Like It by Bang Tango
Cool track from Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt album

J. Jailbait by Wendy O Williams
Wendy doing Motorhead classic

K. Kaw-Liga by Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band
Old Hank tune done right by great band

L. Lick My Love Pump by Nigel Tufnel
Nigel tickles the ivories on this Mach piece

M. Motorvatin' by Hanoi Rocks
Early HR track that still rocks

N. No Vaseline by Ice Cube
When Cube wasn't making anything family friendly

O. Old Joe's Place by The Folksmen
Classic track from A Mighty Wind movie

P. Promised Land by Elvis Presley
The King doing a Chuck tune is always magic

Q. Quicker Than Liquor by Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters
Techno hillbilly shit kicking track by Uncle Al Jourgensen

R. Rolling With My Baby by Silverhead
Sleazy early 70s rock from UK. Still drips grease to this day

S. Snakes of Christ by Danzig
Tune makes you want to dress in all black and pray to Lord Glenn

T. Take Me To The Back Seat by The Donnas
These chicks are eternally cool

U. Up For The Downstroke by Parliment
George Clinton is a National treasure

V. Vacation by The Go Go's
Catchy tune from early 80's

W. Willie The Pimp by Frank Zappa
Captain Beefheart sings while FZ solos forever

X. X-Communication by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Lovers. Killers. Satanic cults. TKK covers all the bases here

Y. YYZ by Rush
Best instrumental tune not played by the Allman Brothers

Z. Zero The Hero by Black Sabbath
Ian Gillan sings his ass off

A to Z tunes. All winners. I could create 10 more lists like this. But one is more than enough. Create your own and crank it up. Tell the neighbors that Krude made you do it. I like being the Asshole. Cheers!

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